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Ghanaians in Columbus

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Ghanaian Picnic 2019

August  10th, 2019.

2018 Message

Dear GhanaPic Family and Friends, 

⭐Though the picnic is not entirely over - as we are yet to play the final soccer ⚽ match, I cannot wait to render my utmost  gratitude to all of you for making GhanaPic-2018 a “krabehwe” (come and see) success. 

⭐Together let us give thanks to God. And the lyrics  of the hymn “Yes, God is Good”  best describes our


         “Yes, God is Good,
           in earth and sky, 
       From ocean-depths and       
           spreading woods, 
Ten thousand voices seem to cry,
            God made us all, 
           And God is good”


⭐In the morning, God poured the light intermittent rain to wet the grounds and cool the air @ Maloney Park. We raised up our stage, tents ⛺ and grills without a sweat. Yes, God is good.

⭐In the afternoon, God opened the skies to bring us the soothing warmth of the sun to grace Maloney Park. From near and far, with family and friends, we gathered @ Maloney Park. Yes, God is good. 


⭐And God revealed unbounded grace through our over 30 hosting and sponsoring organizations (churches, associations, businesses, non- profit orgs  and individuals). May God replenish your kindness and  generosity in multiple folds. 


⭐Joy prevailed throughout the day - our Opening Ceremony with CSP Kofi Sarpong and Columbus African Gospel Choir, hoisting of three flags (Ghana 🇬🇭, Ohio flag,  and USA 🇺🇸); our Free Health Screening & awareness; Children activities with free school supplies; soccer gala and games, live music  & DJ music; unbounded hospitality with free food in every hosting Tent; the goodwill message from Nana Odeneho and the entourage of royalty even in the midst of their bereavement..... what a blessed Saturday! Yes, God is good. 


⭐As we look forward to the final soccer match between JP Assembly and All Nations Baptist  (tentative date is Sept 8th or 9th) it is my enthusiastic prayer, GhanaPic day of joy and gratitude  will replicate in your family, your church, your association, your community; and wherever God’s  Children have a reason to gather in God’s precious name.

Yes, God is good.🙏🏿

Kwabena Boamah-Acheampong
Chair, GhanaPic
August 15, 2018.

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