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Africans in Ohio News

Ohio New Africans Immigrant Commission

Posted by: New Americans Magazine, April 22, 2021


Ohio State Speaker of House of Representatives Robert Cupp has promised to look into the issue of funding the Ohio New Africans Immigrant Commission, NAIC if brought to the House for consideration.

The Commission which was established on April 7, 2007, but formally “commissioned” with 11 members on September 29, 2013, has operated without appropriation of funding or right to seek funding as a non-profit agency.

“I am not familiar with that issue. I was not a legislator when it was created in 2009. If there is an issue I will be more than happy to look at it,” said Speaker Robert Cupp during a chat with members of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association, OLCA.

Also at the event, the Chairman of Finance Committee, Representative Scott Oelslager said, “this is the first time it is brought to my attention.”

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