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Africans in Ohio News

The Columbus Dispatch: -May. 31, 2019 

Lisa Bannerman wanted to give customers at her Columbus African restaurant a taste of something more authentic, so she began offering opportunities for them to eat the way people from her native country do.

On many Saturdays, Drelyse African Restaurant, 1911 Tamarack Circle N., is outfitted with a buffet of clay pots filled with authentic African cuisine simmering over...>>>Read more 

Columbus Welcomes Ohio's First Somali Primary Care Clinic 

Story by By PAIGE PFLEGER • 

NOV 19, 2018 for WOSU Radio

WOSU Radio:- Nov 19, 2018

About 100 people crammed into a small clinic on Columbus' west side on Sunday to celebrate the grand opening of Ohio’s first Somali primary care center.

Columbus' Somali population is the second-largest in the country, at about 40,000 people. Research shows that the community is especially underserved when it comes to preventative testing like pap smears, vaccinations, colon cancer screening, and mammograms.

“Somali people that live in Columbus, most of them came to this country as refugees,” says...>>>read more

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